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Dunsany communal garden:

Garden squares are intrinsic to London’s ‘green’ fabric and are fantastic remnants from the Georgian and Victorian times. These private, yet communal, spaces were cherished for that they replicated what people missed from the countryside.

With scarcity of space in central London, it is very unusual to see new garden squares being inaugurated. Actually, many have disappeared until the ‘Garden square act’ of 1931 came into place. What used to be a market garden has been split into the extension of a refurbished private property and a new communal garden for its neighbouring residents.

The garden has been designed to be ‘relaxed and enchanting’, a place for play and contemplation, to be enjoyed by all. There are plenty of educational opportunities and wildlife is very much top of mind. We are giving back some of the garden’s ancient DNA by integrating a new orchard, with plenty to pick, including herbs, berries and flowers.