HELENE DE WITTE | Brooksville Avenue
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Brooksville Avenue

Brooksville Avenue:

With many mature fruit trees, this garden is the woodpecker’s paradise. Wildlife and love for plants have been the thread all along the development of this garden.
The two mature apple trees are the remnants of the initial backyard. They have been preserved and act as a screen between the more formal area, by the house, and the delicate path which leads to the summer house. The summer house opens up to the other side, onto the secret garden. It is lush and floriferous, calm and enclosed. This little heaven has been developed as a second phase and is cherished by the entire family.
The most shaded area, by the utility rooms has been transformed into a gravel garden, with hellebores, tiarellas and anemones playing against the evergreen of the ferns, rhododendrons and buxus domes.